Hi There Mama of a Kind!


I’m Lily, a first time mama to a beautiful little one and founder of MOAK.

Probably like many of you, I went into motherhood with few expectations. During my pregnancy, I followed one personal and very important mantra of mine; “go with the flow”. This mantra enabled me to cope with numerous anxieties; to live in the moment. However, a few months into motherhood, and this wonderful coping mantra just flew right out the window…

My “go with the flow” started to become “by the book”. I would spend so much time on the Internet trying to find guidance for this new thing I have never done before. There was too much. Too much information (often contradictory), too many ‘tips & tricks’ that CLEARLY don’t work for all babies.

I was constantly comparing myself to other mamas on the Internet. I put so much effort into trying so hard to be like other mamas, and it quickly burned me out. I felt like I was doing everything wrong, nothing was working for me, I was incompetent as a mother and not doing enough for my child’s development. Certainly, there was good and positive information, but it was simply overwhelming. I was not living in the present moment anymore. I was not enjoying motherhood. I felt raw and exhausted. Precious moments were passing me by.

The constant comparing takes away from living motherhood to the fullest and not allowing us to slow things down to really focus on our relationship with our little one(s)! There is so much pressure out there and so much noise (a.k.a advice from our peers or the Internet).

I created this website to help build a community for other mamas out there to feel connected and supported – to let you know that you’re not alone, and to simply put it, there is beauty in not being perfect! This is something I wish I had in the beginning; a support group or community to which I could lean on and share my thoughts and feelings without judgment – to know that it’s not all rainbows and roses as pictured everywhere on the Internet. That desire manifested itself into creating Mama of a kind!

To join MOAK is to be part of a safe community that encourages and empowers us mamas to live motherhood our own way and to remember that we’re all mama of a kind!

Discover a supportive space where you can connect, share, and learn with fellow mamas. Join the MOAK community today and embrace motherhood your way, judgment-free. Let’s grow, laugh, and navigate this journey together! Click the button below to join!