Top 10 Amazon Must-Haves for your baby 0-3 months

Top 10 Amazon Baby Must-Haves for 0-3 Months – A Comprehensive Guide

As you begin this new journey with your newborn, it's nice to have some handy tools to help make things a bit easier. And that's where Amazon comes in - your one-stop-shop for everything baby-related! So, we've put together a list of our top 10 favorite Amazon finds that are absolute game-changers for the first 3 months of parenthood. Ready to know what they are? Let's jump right into it!
A new mother with her friends. This depicts the changes in friendships after having a baby and how to maintain strong, supportive relationships during this time.

How Friendships Can Change After Having a Baby & How to Deal With It

Having a baby is definitely a life-changing event. From adjusting to a new routine, to sleepless nights and days filled with self-doubt, to feeling drained but also trying to soak up all the sweet moments that go by so fast. Parents are faced with many challenges in parenthood. However, there are also other changes that can occur after having a baby. One often overlooked change is that of parents' social circle.